June 3, 2016


To install Spacedecode, you need to:

  • Have a computer running Ubuntu > 12.04 64bit.


To install Spacedecode on Ubuntu run the following command as root:

wget -qO- | sh

Let it run until it’s finished and run the following command to check if the installation was successful:

spaced version

You should see something like this (yours will look different):

version : x.x.x
go_version : go1.x.x
os : linux
arch : amd64

If you don’t see similar output, check out this page for possible solutions.

Please note that from this point, you don’t have to use the commandline interface. You can simply use the Spacedecode Desktop UI. You may find it much simpler to use. Run /var/lib/spacedecode/spacedecode on your terminal to launch it.

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