June 3, 2016

Collaboration enables teams to work together across boundaries. Whether you work in a team of two or thousand people, it is imperical to have a well defined channel to communicate and collaborate effectively with your team members. Spacedecode makes collaboration transparent, safe and allows developers to get more done, faster.


After you have setup a project, that is, adding all the vessels you need to run your application, you may push it to and access your project from there. Navigate to the settings button as shown below:


You can start adding your team members (assuming they have spacedecode accounts), they will get email notifications and the project will also appear on their desktop clients on the Remote Projects section. Collaborators will just pull the project, which contains all dependencies including source code (if available).

remote project

The magic in this is that collaborators will not be required to setup environments at all. Even a new recruit can just pull a project, run it and start working immediately.

From this point collaborators can access the Spacedecode Workspace and make changes to the project. They will then commit their work locally and then push to where changes will be reviewed and merged.

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