June 3, 2016

Workflow is the definition, execution and automation of processes where projects and tasks are passed from one stage or environment to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules. Spacedecode allows you to configure your own workflow following your existing workflow.


To begin, go to your project and navigate to the drop-down menu as shown below. You will notice that you already have a default environment called Development, which can be renamed on project settings. This is where the changes are tracked by default.

Go ahead and create another environment: click New Environment.

New Environment

Note: You may create as many environments as you need, depending on your workflow requirements. When creating a new environment, you will get an option to choose an environment to which your new one will publish its changes to.


Let us assume that your new environments are QA and Production. Upon creating them you may choose that the Development environment publish its changes to the QA environment and the QA environment to the Production environment.

Spacedecode also allows you to choose whether you want changes to be pushed directly to certain environments or not. This will help avoid the risk of developers from pushing changes directly to production (for example). On our example screenshot below, we have chosen to prevent changes from being pushed to this environment.

Create Environment

Now that you have created environments, you can add a server (s) on each environment to allow Spacedecode to automatically deploy your shiny project to. Read more about how Spacedecode handles deployments.

Adding new environments means you are making changes to your project, so to ensure consistency and proper workflow between your Spacedecode desktop platform and Spacedecode online, go to your desktop client and pull changes. Once you have pulled changes you will notice that the environments you added on Spacedecode are also available on your desktop client. This means you can now select environments to directly push changes to.

Desktop environments

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