June 13, 2016

Snapshotting is the simplest method of creating recipes. This is because at the point of snapshotting, a lot of work would have been done already. In short, snapshotting allows you to create a recipe from the current state of a vessel.


Imagine you have a vessel awesome.vsl and you have done a lot of work on it in terms of setting up. Snapshotting this vessel for future use here may be a great idea. All you need to do this is the vessel ID (simply run spaced vessel list to find the ID).

Once you have that, just run this command:

$ spaced vessel snapshot <vessel_id> -n name -s namespace

Breaking the command down:

spaced vessel snapshot

This is a Spacedecode command that sends snapshotting parameters to the Spacedecode daemon.


Vessel unique identifier.

-n name and -s namespace

Together, these parameters form a recipe reference in the form namespace/name. An optional parameter -t (or --tag) can be specified to label the version of the recipe. With the tag, the recipe reference would look something like this namespace/name:tag.

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